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Installation & Application Questions

Yes, you must have Internet connection to authorize this program. Manual installs are not supported with this product. It is highly advised that you have a DSL or cable connection to take advantage of remotely connecting to other users.

Check your security settings. A slow loading program means that your security program is continually scanning it. Look for an option to exclude your main program from being scanned and add the following to the list.

o CCNA 8 - program files/routersim/ccna8/*.*
o CCNP 8 - program files/routersim/ccnp8/*.*
o CCENT 8 - program files/routersim/ccent8/*.*
o SWITCH 7 - program files/routersim/switch7/*.*
o ROUTE 7 - program files/routersim/route7/*.*  

If you have one license we will reset your single license for any supported program one time within a year. You can purchase them @ $7.50 per license. You can purchase a reset by clicking here.

If you have purchased multiple licenses, you will need to purchase a yearly reset agreement.  You are provided two resets per license per year. 

We do not guarantee that our simulator will coincide with any book or set of videos on the market. We highly suggest that you only use the material from our labs while creating and configuring networks. Furthermore, we only support the commands found within the hands on labs and from no other source. 

Your license will be emailed to you within an hour or less during business hours (9-5 MST, Monday-Friday). This could take longer if we try to contact you in an attempt to verify your order.

Change to another browser. There is a bug in Chrome that does not allow you to properly display content that has Flash in it. It is unknown when they are going to fix it. 

You need to check your file association for files ending in ".htm."

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows , 7, 8, and 10.

We have retired all the following programs. All forms of technical support for the following programs has ended (this includes resetting of licenses):

CCNA Network Visualizer 5.0 and 6.0
CCNA Network Visualizer 4 with BSCI
CCNA Network Visualizer 4.0/4.1
CCNASim 2.x, 3.x
CCNP Suite
607 Simulator 

If you are running CCNA® CertSim®, change your system to run small fonts. Also, your screen resolution needs to be at least 1024 x 768.

Yes. You can run our programs on one computer at a time. You would install your product id on the computer you want to work with. You would then remove it if you want to run your program on another computer.

It is very easy to work on our programs at home and work. We require an Internet authorization that has you entering a product ID when you first install and run your program. There is a button on main screen that allows you to install your license. There is also a button that allows you to remove your license. When you are, for example, ready to go home from work, click the Remove License button, enter your product ID and you are all set. You can then pull down the authorization from home.  

Our list is separated into four modes: user, priviledged, configuration, and interface