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Net Assessment

Net Assessment allows you to test and evaluate your problem solving and troubleshooting network skills. RouterSim has created a powerful and flexible tool for all to use, including teachers, students, individuals, etc. From any fully configured, virtual network ( Master network), you can create another network Test network) that contains altered or removed values .

The main task is to examine the Test network and "fix" it by interacting with the virtual network and entering missing and/or correct configurations. When finished, the Test network can be evaluated against the Master network and a report generated displaying the results of expected and user-entered values.

Several options are available to assist you in determining what configurations will be placed in the Test network. It depends on the audience for which the Test network is being created. The following is one example.


Scenario Example 1 - Provide an empty network to students with instructions only. You can insert instructions into a network by importing a file like a Microsoft Word file. Click on the Insert icon on the toolbar. When the dialog box appears select a file that includes instructions. You can imbed any file that you wish, however, the student must have the same program on their computer.