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Net Packet Monitor

Net Packet Monitor can be used to observe the real-time path of a packet as it travels through the devices in your network. You can view the progress of a packet when you ping a device, when you telnet into a device, and when protocol updates are broadcast from a device. This is a great tool to view the success and failure of your network configuration. The legend at the top of the Net Packet Monitor displays the eight possible packet types in color-coded fashion:

o Echo request
o Echo reply
o Telnet request
o Telnet reply
o RIP update
o IGRP update
o EIGRP update
o OSPF update

As packets travel in and out of your network devices, packet data is appended to the bottom of the Net Packet Monitor. Ping and telnet related packets appear after the command is entered on a device and the update packets appear periodically (depending on the protocol). You can use the View menu to turn the packet monitoring on or off for each packet type (all eight packet types are displayed by default). The Net Packet Monitor can be cleared at any time. Also, you can print the table and/or save the table as a text file to share or diagnose at a later time. The Net Packet Monitor is an invaluable learning tool for users of all levels.